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Instant Energy

Zero Calories

No Crash

1 Week Money-Back Guarantee

Warning: this product is not recommended for anyone under 18 years of age.

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  • Love the Portability

    Fits in my pocket for on-the-go energy. A quick spritz and I'm ready to tackle the day.

    Sarah K.

    Seattle, WA

  • Perfect Caffeine Control

    Each spray lets me tailor me energy levels throughout the day so I'm focused and alert.

    Alex S.

    Austin, TX

  • No Jitters or Crashes

    Smooth sustained energy with each spray. A game-changer for my productivity.

    Ryan T.

    New York, NY

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Hard Science.
Easy Energy.

By combining natural caffeine from coffee beans with a precise blend of amino acids, VAE provides the ideal balance to minimize jitter, anxiety, and crash while enhancing focus and energy. Learn more.


Brewing the
best buzz.

Works in Seconds
Zero Sugar
Zero Calories
Zero Crash
2-Week Supply