Our Standards

Raising the Bar

When it comes to standards, we’re committed to doing things the right way, no matter how long it takes. This means challenging the status quo by upholding high-quality integrity within our brand and every product we make. It’s why we’ve made 64 iterations of VAE to this day and strive to keep on getting better.

No Compromises


We searched the globe to find the best ingredients on earth, which undergo a strict qualification program before entering our supply chain. We not only prove VAE’s potency but make sure the flavor profile is something you’ll enjoy.


VAE is made in FDA-registered, cGMP compliant facilities, to ensure the manufacturing practices are best in class.

Gold Standard testing

VAE is FDA and WADA compliant. This process involves exhaustive testing and verification that every serving of VAE is exactly what you see on the label and that it’s free of heavy metals, contaminants, and free of over 280 banned substances by major athletic organizations.

Evolving with Science

We cross reference decades of established research with new clinical studies and technology to bring you the best formulation possible. This includes merging functional research with perceptual benefits such as flavor, mouth feel, and everything inbetween. It’s why we’ve made 64 iterations of VAE to this day and strive to keep on getting better.

What people say

  • "I love my VAE spray! It exceeded my expectations!  Super easy to use and carry around. I bring it everywhere for crash-free energy boosts when I need it!"

    Adam K.

  • "I tried VAE because I can't drink coffee due to the jitters and anxiety I get from it. VAE doesn't have any of those side effects and works extremely well."

    Sara T.

  • "It used to be a struggle getting out of bed but now I leave VAE on my nightstand. A few sprays when I wake up and I'm good to go!"

    Danielle S.

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