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Frequently Asked Questions

Is VAE safe?

3 sprays of VAE has 60mg of caffeine, equivalent to a small coffee without the extra chemicals found in other energy drinks. We do not recommend taking more than 15 sprays per day. For a full ingredient list, see our Ingredients & Benefits page.

Is VAE supposed to replace my coffee?

No, we all love our coffee! But sometimes coffee isn't very convenient, so VAE is there to pick up the slack. Whether you're in the middle of a workout, working hard to meet that deadline, or on the road, VAE is right there with you.

How many sprays do I need to feel the effects?

Depends on the person! 3 sprays has as much caffeine as a small coffee, but you can adjust the number of sprays to your preferred level

How much caffeine is there in VAE?

Every spray of VAE contains 20mg of caffeine, so 3 sprays is like a coffee. With 36 sprays per bottle, VAE contains 720mg and is designed to last you over a week!