VAE Deep Dive

Cover Your Energy Bases

VAE is a comprehensive energy solution formulated with high-quality ingredients to support exceptional all-day energy. Its spray form makes it highly absorbable, so your body can quickly get the energy it needs.

How VAE Works

Boosts Energy

VAE uses our patent-pending HyperSoluble™ caffeine technology to deliver a coffee's worth of energy in just 3 sprays.

Puts You In The Zone

Using key amino acids that your brain needs, VAE gives you clean energy to get you through your day.

A Smooth Ride

Instead of taking tons of caffeine all at once, VAE allows you to adjust your energy level to fit your needs - keeping you performing at your best all day long.

What People Say

  • "I tried VAE because I can't drink coffee due to the jitters and anxiety I get from it. VAE doesn't have any of those side effects and works extremely well."

    Sara T.

  • "I love my VAE spray! It exceeded my expectations!  Super easy to use and carry around. I bring it everywhere for crash-free energy boosts when I need it!"

    Adam K.

  • "It used to be a struggle getting out of bed but now I leave VAE on my nightstand. A few sprays when I wake up and I'm good to go!"

    Danielle S.

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